Dr Terrence Kommal and Ban Ki-moon in Davos 2019

During the 2019 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Dr Terrence Kommal spent sometime engaging with Mr Ban Ki-moon,  who was the eighth Secretary-General of the United Nations from January 2007 to December 2016. The meeting took place at the Hilton Hotel, in Davos, across the road form the Congress Centre of the Forum. The discussions centered on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the role business leaders [...]

What are the differences between medical experts?

When it comes to medical experts, just imagine you look at the report written about your loved one, your child, your wife, your family, in a report written by the audiologist has page on audiologist and a 40 page discussion of psychology. Just imagine your confusion and your concern. Hi, I’m Terrence Kommal. In the medicolegal world and of the world of medicolegal assessments, these are common questions from patients, lawyers and [...]

Ethical leadership discussions with Kamogelo Mmutlana CEO of Barloworld Logistics

Ethical leadership discussions with Kamogelo Mmutlana CEO of Barloworld Logistics In this podcast, I  share with you the latest insights, interview and discussion in Ethical leadership discussions with Kamogelo Mmutlana, CEO of Barloworld Logistics.  I know him for about two years, and in that time have learnt a great deal about board dynamics, leadership, transformation and long term sustainability. His more than 20 years corporate experience is invaluable [...]

“Board Capture” and the fiduciary duties of Directors

(Fiduciary duties: The Institute of Directors in South Africa (IoDSA) has now made a firm commitment to holding Directors and their conduct to closer scrutiny. In such efforts, there is the intention of forming a “Stakeholder forum” and nominations were called for in July 2018. I agree that such a forum is long needed. In my submission to contributing to such a forum, the below is an extract...) [...]

New podcast on Shared Experiences: Ethical Leadership, Governance and Business: State Capture

Shared Experiences: Ethical Leadership, Governance and Business: State Capture Welcome to the very first episode of my podcast on Shared Experiences. In this podcast, I will share with you the latest insights, interviews and discussions on a range of topics relating to Ethical Leadership, Governance and Business. I am passionate about Blockchain, Artificial intelligence, healthcare, networking, leadership development and family. However in the current political climate in South [...]

Addressing corporate governance challenges in SA

In the recent months in South Africa, Corporate Governance has been brought in to the spotlight. Addressing those corporate governance challenges in SA has become and urgent needs for Corporates, State Owned Entities and citizens, alike. It is this urgent needs for such challenges to be addresses that has urged local and international media to seek out views, perspectives and insights in to addressing those needs. CNBC Africa recently invited [...]

5 values in Value based leadership

Many believe that the existing versions of value-based leadership are to some extent cast in stone, and need to be very religiously adhered to. I have a different perspective and value-based leadership, and in fact most times I always have a different perspective, on these pre-established notions laid out by some people. Some may think it arrogant, but I strongly believe that with the current world that we live in [...]

Dr Terrence Kommal at a dinner with the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chouhan

This private dinner was held on 07 June 2014 at India House, Pretoria, by His Excellency Mr Virendra Gupta, High Commissioner of India and his wife Mrs Veenu Gupta. Honoured to have been only one of two South African couples invited to the prestigious evening! The Chief Minister was amazingly humble and warm on the freezing evening! 🙂 Exchanging a few words with Ajay Gupta again as usual was a great [...]

Transformation Policy training by Harvard School of Public Health

Dr Terrence Kommal together with Emeritus Prof Marc J Roberts and Prof Tom Bossert who are global leaders from Harvard School of Public Health. Learning under the guidance of these two giants of healthcare policy and strategy had indeed been a privilege and honour. Update:I completed the ASELPH Fellowship programme in 2015, as one of less than 45 Fellows in the first cohort. A truly humbling experience. Since the posting [...]

The Washington Fellowship by US President Obama has created Hope for African Youth

On a usual evening as I had been half watching tv and browsing some medical blogs, I noticed an advertisement on a DSTV Indian Bouquet for the Washington Fellowship/Young African Leaders Initiative by President Obama and administrated by IREX. At first I wasn't sure what the ad was about as I was half watching. But then later that evening, during the prime time news on another channel, the full ad [...]

Live your values… #Madiba

"......It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die."- Nelson Mandela. I strongly believe that many love His words and ideals, but how many of you are able to full accept that commitment demands being able to give your life of the ideal? I KNOW I AM!..are You?

Finding your niche NOW!

Dr. Terrence Kommal When your sit in a lecture by people telling you to find your calling outside of your current "career", yet they remain in theirs...the discussion becomes interesting. I HAVE found my niche, I AM where I SHOULD be, and this is where I am best in my element!! No, I'm not DEFINED by my professional training, but have expanded into where I make community work [...]

The “Medupi Plan” Executive Leadership case study is ludicrous

I am currently sitting in a lecture by Dr Caren Scheepers (a Psychology PhD), based on the successes of the "Medupi Plan and the Medupi Way". She is keen to drive the 'pockets of success' that the Medupi project had based on a video that she had developed with staff of the JV at Medupi and Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS). Of course, the video was developed whilst she [...]

Meta-leadership and emotional intelligence by Harvard School of Public Health

Meta-leadership is very unique and intense model and framework of understanding leadership in large scale. It was founded and developed by Dr. Leonard J. Marcus and Dr. Barry Dorn of the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative (NPLI), a joint program of the Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government. Much of the key differentiating factor of the framework and learning directly under Dr Barry Dorn, [...]

Innovative thinking and strategies on Executive Leadership in Health Services Management

A few months back I saw an advertisement for an Executive Leadership course jointly called the ASELPH. It was a multi-institutional course that was offered by Harvard School in Public Health, University of Pretoria, and University of Fort Hare. I was of course ecstatic, as being able to study Executive Leadership under the guidance of Harvard and South Africa universities was a dream come true. It has always been a [...]

Shockingly sold by sellers at the NACSA

After leaving home at 6am to attend the National Achievers Congress at the Sandton Convention Centre, I was amped for a great day of valuable content and presentations. Of course after the crazy high fees for the two day congress, I expected a focus on promoting and upskilling entrepreneurs. There was some great content by the likes of Les Brown and some of the other presenters, but there was the [...]

The benefits and value of doctors in managed healthcare leadership and management at the Managed Healthcare Symposium

The benefits and value of doctors in managed healthcare leadership and management I have finally managed to make the time to edit (basic editing of course) the entire video of my presentation at the Managed Healthcare symposium in Johannesburg. The presentation was on: The benefits and value of doctors in managed healthcare leadership and management. The video is just over an hour long, but details my perspective on both the [...]

Managed Healthcare in South Africa

Managed healthcare in South Africa in now in the spotlight and its prevalence is now highlighted by the Annual Managed Healthcare Symposium. At this symposium many leading minds and industry leaders presented in key challenges and opportunities in the current healthcare environment. Many of the common concerns centered around false claims from medical practitioners and e regulatory framework win which managed healthcare operates in SA. it bacme apparent in e [...]

Independent Medical Examinations and reports- Road accident fund claims and report

Road accident fund claims and report (Update: This post was made in 2012. Since then in 2016, I have resign from Ayush Healthcare as its CEO, and left the company in the capable hands of its new directors.) With a growing demand and the limitation of co-ordinated services in the field of independent medical examination, there is currently a huge market potential for our recently launched Ayush Healthcare company. It [...]

World Hindi conference 2012

Today, 24th September 2012 marks the closing of the first World Hindi conference 2012 in Johannesburg, South Africa. It commemorated the closing of a greatly support and attended conference with delegates from around the world. It was indeed heartening and interesting to note that conference was held in South Africa, in recognition of the Indian people of South Africa, their rich heritage and the cultural and linguistic ties between India [...]

Presentation at Joint Simulation and Training Africa 2012

It was indeed both a pleasure and honour to be invited by the IQPC to present as an expert presenter, for the Joint Simulation and Training Africa 2012. I was tasked to speak on a range of matters affecting medical training and simulations for Africa and the SADC. With much stress and concern for such an important task, the presentation was done on 27 June 2012, at the CSIR. Key [...]

Facebook adds new email service to replace your original contact methods

Facebook has now integrated the new emails of, to promote usage of its own email that is linked to the messages in each profile. This has resulted in many users main contact email being changes for them. This was picked up and reported by bloggers on Saturday, and has now been buzzing on major social media sites. Another possible reason for this move is to limit the access to [...]

Joining SA blogosphere via Amatomu

I was chatting to my girlfriend today (updated: as she respectfully was then), about another blogger and some of the fantastic things that she has been doing with her blog. I then spent the rest of the afternoon, pondering why I wasn't a more active part of the SA blogosphere...and could find a single reason, besides sheer, inactivity, just on my blog of course. Well, as a start I have joined the [...]

Corporate branding with real people

I just read through a chapter in David Meerman Scott's book, Real-time Media and Pr, and noted and interesting dicussion about how companies cotinue to brand their companies with images and people that dont't even work for the company. Be they models, or stock images that are used, it has no direct link to the actual people that work for the company, or what they offer. Agreed, there are those [...]

Social media changes and keeping up with the growth of services

In recent weeks there has been a huge change in the dynamic of how social networks are used globally. With the rise of Google+, many have hailed it as a facebook replacement or 'killer'. I disagree as another type of network does not necessarily mean the end of a previous/ older service. I think that there will be a growth of the google+ network whilst the other networks like facebook [...]

Social Media for government agencies…does it have value?

A lingering question that exists is in the minds on many staff of government agencies is: "Is there a place or need for a government agency to use social media?" Frankly, if by this stage any organisation that has seen the ascension of President Obama will be certain that this is almost a given YES!...'Yes You can and must' 🙂 In this day and age it even more imperative for [...]

Social Media in simple terms

Social Media in South Africa Yikes, it has been an interesting year thus  far in the social media space in South Africa and other developing nations. Many business people are now clamoring to get on board with the newest trends in social media. However many of them are falling into two categories: They believe there is nothing to it, and just go ahead and set up accounts on the popular social media platforms and just go ahead spamming ad with links to every person that [...]

Corporates throwing money at PR agencies without checking if they are delivering REAL results

I was in a meeting recently with a huge Holding Group CEO, when the discussion on media and advertising came up. In the discussion in emanated that the company did have a specific media specialist. They also just left it to ad hoc staff to manage as and when opportunities came up. He then called in his 'division manager', who was to discuss the possibilities of us working with the group to [...]

Facebook changes fanpage settings

  It is now clear that Facebook is employing new strategies in terms of fans/ likes and their activities of these brands with their fans. Many may feel that the new layout and changes will discourage the interactions with fans, as it limits the use of FBML landing pages. I actually don't think so... First you don't have a choice in the matter. The change is happening, and facebook , like the [...]

Terrence Kommal and President Zuma

In September 2010, at the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas 2010 in South Africa, I again had the extreme pleasure of sharing a few hearty moments with the President of South Africa, His Excellency,Dr Jacob Zuma.  It was an interesting chat in which he detailed his love for Indian culture and Indian people as they too had been instrumental in the freedom struggle of South Africa. He has shared similar sentiments when I [...]

Amazing coincidence of the movement of the Indian Diaspora

Amazingly I am inflight on the way to the African Meetup of Indian leaders in Durban known as Pravasi Bharatiya Divas or PBD 2010, and the plane itself appears to be a part of this meetup. With tons of our fellow South African Indians (and a few well known cell phone shop foreigners) owners in this flight I had a first hand opportunity to see each one up close.... the [...]

Dr Terrence Kommal is the CEO of SUTRA

I am the CEO of SUTRA Magazine and the CEO of the sister SUTRA Media. These two companies, as my passion are my offerings to the global village, with a fantastic range of services and content. SUTRA Magazine is Africa's leading Indian Lifestyle and Fashion publication with a range of exclusive, intriguing and fascination content. From the latest catwalks, to the humbly profiles of leaders globally, and from amazing lifestyles [...]