Dr Terrence Kommal and Ban Ki-moon in Davos 2019


During the 2019 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Dr Terrence Kommal spent sometime engaging with Mr Ban Ki-moon,  who was the eighth Secretary-General of the United Nations from January 2007 to December 2016. The meeting took place at the Hilton Hotel, in Davos, across the road form the Congress Centre of the Forum. The discussions centered on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the role business leaders could play in creating lasting legacies and business for impact. Dr Terrence Kommal said that Mr Ban Ki-moon was amazingly courtesy, warm and engaging and shared that he (Ban Ki-moon) remained focussed [...]

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What are the differences between medical experts?


When it comes to medical experts, just imagine you look at the report written about your loved one, your child, your wife, your family, in a report written by the audiologist has page on audiologist and a 40 page discussion of psychology. Just imagine your confusion and your concern. Hi, I’m Terrence Kommal. In the medicolegal world and of the world of medicolegal assessments, these are common questions from patients, lawyers and other clients. The want to know what are the differences, very high level, of the different types of experts. The separation In my mind, you can separate them into primary care diagnosticians, [...]

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Addressing corporate governance challenges in SA


In the recent months in South Africa, Corporate Governance has been brought in to the spotlight. Addressing those corporate governance challenges in SA has become and urgent needs for Corporates, State Owned Entities and citizens, alike. It is this urgent needs for such challenges to be addresses that has urged local and international media to seek out views, perspectives and insights in to addressing those needs. CNBC Africa recently invited me to provide my personal views as I serve both in corporate companies and State Owned Board at the same time. (Disclaimer: I provided my personal views and not on behalf [...]

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5 values in Value based leadership


Many believe that the existing versions of value-based leadership are to some extent cast in stone, and need to be very religiously adhered to. I have a different perspective and value-based leadership, and in fact most times I always have a different perspective, on these pre-established notions laid out by some people. Some may think it arrogant, but I strongly believe that with the current world that we live in and its dynamic environments and circumstances, leadership and other frameworks are in a constant state of evolution, to some extent a state of flux. Of course, flux seen in the positive [...]

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Dr Terrence Kommal at a dinner with the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chouhan


This private dinner was held on 07 June 2014 at India House, Pretoria, by His Excellency Mr Virendra Gupta, High Commissioner of India and his wife Mrs Veenu Gupta. Honoured to have been only one of two South African couples invited to the prestigious evening! The Chief Minister was amazingly humble and warm on the freezing evening! :-) Exchanging a few words with Ajay Gupta again as usual was a great pleasure. I last chatted to him in 2007, when I had no idea who he was! He remains a very simple person who honoured all the elders at the dinner with [...]

Dr Terrence Kommal at a dinner with the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chouhan2017-12-04T20:05:48+00:00

Transformation Policy training by Harvard School of Public Health


Dr Terrence Kommal together with Emeritus Prof Marc J Roberts and Prof Tom Bossert who are global leaders from Harvard School of Public Health. Learning under the guidance of these two giants of healthcare policy and strategy had indeed been a privilege and honour. Update:I completed the ASELPH Fellowship programme in 2015, as one of less than 45 Fellows in the first cohort. A truly humbling experience. Since the posting of the above picture, Emeritus Prof Marc J Roberts has regrettably passed on.

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The Washington Fellowship by US President Obama has created Hope for African Youth


On a usual evening as I had been half watching tv and browsing some medical blogs, I noticed an advertisement on a DSTV Indian Bouquet for the Washington Fellowship/Young African Leaders Initiative by President Obama and administrated by IREX. At first I wasn't sure what the ad was about as I was half watching. But then later that evening, during the prime time news on another channel, the full ad was shown again. My father who had been watching the same news raved that I must apply. This initiative by the US President is a very heart warming one. With a [...]

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Live your values… #Madiba


"......It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die."- Nelson Mandela. I strongly believe that many love His words and ideals, but how many of you are able to full accept that commitment demands being able to give your life of the ideal? I KNOW I AM!..are You?

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Finding your niche NOW!


Dr. Terrence Kommal When your sit in a lecture by people telling you to find your calling outside of your current "career", yet they remain in theirs...the discussion becomes interesting. I HAVE found my niche, I AM where I SHOULD be, and this is where I am best in my element!! No, I'm not DEFINED by my professional training, but have expanded into where I make community work meet passion, and believe with SUCH dedication and focus, the UNIVERSE is CONSPIRING with ME!! It's NOT a "SECRET" anymore, have faith, work hard and pray hard, the universe will align [...]

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The “Medupi Plan” Executive Leadership case study is ludicrous


I am currently sitting in a lecture by Dr Caren Scheepers (a Psychology PhD), based on the successes of the "Medupi Plan and the Medupi Way". She is keen to drive the 'pockets of success' that the Medupi project had based on a video that she had developed with staff of the JV at Medupi and Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS). Of course, the video was developed whilst she was (and still is) a consultant on the project, and suddenly, I feel a biased to the project. The ASELPH is a JV between University of Fort Hare, University of Pretoria, [...]

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