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World Hindi conference 2012


Today, 24th September 2012 marks the closing of the first World Hindi conference 2012 in Johannesburg, South Africa. It commemorated the closing of a greatly support and attended conference with delegates from around the world. It was indeed heartening and interesting to note that conference was held in South Africa, in recognition of the Indian people of South Africa, their rich heritage and the cultural and linguistic ties between India and South Africa. The event as official inaugurated by Minister Praveen Gordhan, the Minister of Finance, South Africa. The event was officiated by the Indian Minister of State External Affairs, Ms [...]

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Joining SA blogosphere via Amatomu


I was chatting to my girlfriend today (updated: as she respectfully was then), about another blogger and some of the fantastic things that she has been doing with her blog. I then spent the rest of the afternoon, pondering why I wasn't a more active part of the SA blogosphere...and could find a single reason, besides sheer, inactivity, just on my blog of course. Well, as a start I have joined the ever popular amatomu site, perhaps to begin with a local but very lekker community of South Africans! Enough to remain more active!  

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Social Media for government agencies…does it have value?


A lingering question that exists is in the minds on many staff of government agencies is: "Is there a place or need for a government agency to use social media?" Frankly, if by this stage any organisation that has seen the ascension of President Obama will be certain that this is almost a given YES!...'Yes You can and must' :-) In this day and age it even more imperative for governments and their departments to directly engage with their people in a real-time environment. If these depts ignore the amazing power that the social tools wield, they will be missing out [...]

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Social Media in simple terms


Social Media in South Africa Yikes, it has been an interesting year thus  far in the social media space in South Africa and other developing nations. Many business people are now clamoring to get on board with the newest trends in social media. However many of them are falling into two categories: They believe there is nothing to it, and just go ahead and set up accounts on the popular social media platforms and just go ahead spamming ad with links to every person that can link to...with a hyperlink too! They even feel that it is ok to spam their links as comments to other peoples posts and content. Strategy is non-existent as is any tack [...]

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