Road accident fund claims and report

(Update: This post was made in 2012. Since then in 2016, I have resign from Ayush Healthcare as its CEO, and left the company in the capable hands of its new directors.)

With a growing demand and the limitation of co-ordinated services in the field of independent medical examination, there is currently a huge market potential for our recently launched Ayush Healthcare company.

It is a dedicated medico-legal and independent medical examination and reporting company. The unique offering is not only to be able to offer fast turn around on medial examinations and reports, but also to assist with co-ordination with the relevant medical colleagues who are required for supplementary reports and ratings.

The main website is


“Comprehensive independent multi-disciplinary medical consulting, AMA (6th edition) impairment ratings and RAF reports. Assisting you to efficiently help your clients get settlements.”

Multi-disciplinary specialist and auxiliary services co-ordination and rating reports
Independent Medical Examiners
Independent Medical Reports
RAF Forms/Reports
Serious injury assessments
Disability assessments and ratings/ reports
AMA (6th Edition) compliant ratings’ reports
Medico-legal Consulting
Medical Jurisprudence
Medical Advisory