In the recent months in South Africa, Corporate Governance has been brought in to the spotlight.

Addressing those corporate governance challenges in SA has become and urgent needs for Corporates, State Owned Entities and citizens, alike. It is this urgent needs for such challenges to be addresses that has urged local and international media to seek out views, perspectives and insights in to addressing those needs.

CNBC Africa recently invited me to provide my personal views as I serve both in corporate companies and State Owned Board at the same time. (Disclaimer: I provided my personal views and not on behalf of any State Entities and/or their Boards.)

The conversation covered a range of topics including:

  • the different levels of assurances in companies, including management, internal audit, audit committees, company boards and then external assurance providers, like KPMG, Deloitte, PwC, EY, and others.
  • It also covered the discussions of why the external assurance providers like KPMG are not solely responsible for failures in governance controls and reporting
  • Audit sampling and accountability
  • Transparency
  • Good governance
  • Responsibility of management and board members
  • King IV requirements in terms of Corporate Governance
  • Governance Strategy and Oversight by Boards and Board members


Click on the image to view the video on CNBC Africa