It is now clear that Facebook is employing new strategies in terms of fans/ likes and their activities of these brands with their fans.

Many may feel that the new layout and changes will discourage the interactions with fans, as it limits the use of FBML landing pages. I actually don’t think so…

First you don’t have a choice in the matter. The change is happening, and facebook , like the almighty Google, will do as it pleases.

Secondly, the changes also allow page owners to log into their ‘pages’, and interact on facebook as if the fan page were a person. This creates a fantastic opportunity for brand owners/managers to directly interact with their fans and create a more personal interaction.

All in all, it is not just about the changes, but rather being able to use the new changes on facebook to facilitate a personal interaction with your fans, and provide them the importance that they deserve, after all they are the closest, and most promising home, that you will ever get to interacting and developing ‘brand evangelists!”