Dr. Terrence Kommal

Dr. Terrence Kommal

When your sit in a lecture by people telling you to find your calling outside of your current “career”, yet they remain in theirs…the discussion becomes interesting.

I HAVE found my niche, I AM where I SHOULD be, and this is where I am best in my element!!

No, I’m not DEFINED by my professional training, but have expanded into where I make community work meet passion, and believe with SUCH dedication and focus, the UNIVERSE is CONSPIRING with ME!!

It’s NOT a “SECRET” anymore, have faith, work hard and pray hard, the universe will align with what you BELIEVE!

The results of my WORK can be seen and felt, and it drives our team on!

Find YOUR calling and HAVE faith!

You are exactly where you want to be by you OWN choices!

-Stay blessed!!!!