A few months back I saw an advertisement for an Executive Leadership course jointly called the ASELPH. It was a multi-institutional course that was offered by Harvard School in Public Health, University of Pretoria, and University of Fort Hare.

I was of course ecstatic, as being able to study Executive Leadership under the guidance of Harvard and South Africa universities was a dream come true. It has always been a dream to being able to study at Harvard. Thanking the opportunity of being on an Executive course was the cherry on the top.

Prof Barry Durn is a member of the Harvard University faculty and as a fantastic and esteemed expert on Leadership, recommended that each ‘Fellow’ on the course journal their thoughts as the course progresses, daily. The intention is so that ideas and concepts considered whilst learned are not quickly forgotten by the end of the course.

I’ve decided to use my blog to document this journey and it will be interspersed by other posts. I hope it serves to motivate you and stimulate more innovative thinking.