Managed healthcare in South Africa in now in the spotlight and its prevalence is now highlighted by the Annual Managed Healthcare Symposium. At this symposium many leading minds and industry leaders presented in key challenges and opportunities in the current healthcare environment.

Many of the common concerns centered around false claims from medical practitioners and e regulatory framework win which managed healthcare operates in SA. it bacme apparent in e presentations that ,inch still has to be done, and key consultants from various organizations can add immense value in optimizing the operating procedure in many of the managed healthcare companies. These consultants current already work with a few leading managed healthcare companies, and as able to provide independent insight and perspectives into optimization strategies.

In terms of opportunities, it has become more and more apparent that protocol driven case management based on adequate medical doctor driven guidelines is critical. There are indeed guidelines hat exist but many of me have been opt used by health actuaries and costs management professionals.

I also presented at this conference and the thrust of the presentation was about having more medial doctors and people with adequate medical training in positions of leadership and management of managed healthcare organizations. A key value of this, is the already internalized understanding of direct patient management and their experience of having had to directly manage patients directly, in a range of environments. These various environments including their training periods as students and intern doctors.