It was indeed both a pleasure and honour to be invited by the IQPC to present as an expert presenter, for the Joint Simulation and Training Africa 2012. I was tasked to speak on a range of matters affecting medical training and simulations for Africa and the SADC.

With much stress and concern for such an important task, the presentation was done on 27 June 2012, at the CSIR.

Key people that were present were industry leaders such as Major General Hlatshwayo, Chief Director Operations of the Joint Operations division of the SANDF, Major General Mabuza, and other key industry leaders.

Some of the key challenges that are concerning the health support of military operations, are vital matters that affect armed forces not just in South Africa, but through Africa also. With South Africa seen as a key leader in approaches to managing these challenges, it was indeed a pleasure to share my thoughts and perspectives on how to deal with the challenges.

An excerpt from the main site of my tasked focus areas in the presentations:

“Medical simulation: the future of military health training?

15:30 Simulations for training in military and battlefield medicine: A future for SADC?

The challenges of training medics and doctors to perform emergency medicine on the battlefield
Surveying the available technologies and understanding their real benefits over traditional training methods
Cost and other practical concerns
The future of simulations in military medicine in SADC
Dr. Terrence Kommal
Military Medical Doctor Specializing in Military Health Training
1 Military Hospital & School for Military Health Training”

More info can be found on the , or you can email me and I can gladly share more insights on the conference.

Currently I am still at the workshop B of the conference, as a part of the key panel for this fantastic an innovative conference.