In recent weeks there has been a huge change in the dynamic of how social networks are used globally. With the rise of Google+, many have hailed it as a facebook replacement or ‘killer’.

I disagree as another type of network does not necessarily mean the end of a previous/ older service. I think that there will be a growth of the google+ network whilst the other networks like facebook and twitter will continue to thrive. How so? Its simple actually…

Although each type of network has seemingly similar and some overlapping features they also have some unique features too. Facebook still reign supreme when it comes to being a personal sharing and interacting network, whilst twitter still holds strong as the short, ‘quick updates’ platform with no frills and just to the point. Google+ seems to fill the seeming niche of knowledge sharing, which has a limited but rapidly growing space in the market.

Some have argued that one is better than the other, whilst others differ. I simply think that knowing which platform to use, for what purpose and for how long is critical.

The most important factor when it comes to these platforms and services, is your precious time. There those that don’t make time, and then there are those that actually are pathologically addicted to social media.

Finding the right balance with real life, and new trendy technologies is key.