Social Media in South Africa

Yikes, it has been an interesting year thus  far in the social media space in South Africa and other developing nations. Many business people are now clamoring to get on board with the newest trends in social media. However many of them are falling into two categories:

  1. They believe there is nothing to it, and just go ahead and set up accounts on the popular social media platforms and just go ahead spamming ad with links to every person that can link to…with a hyperlink too! They even feel that it is ok to spam their links as comments to other peoples posts and content. Strategy is non-existent as is any tack or understanding of what social media actually is.
  2. The second group of people are those that have used some social media, and now profess to be experts in it. They put in tons of posts on their own walls and in their signatures. Now heres the problem…they also don’t know too much about it. I even have seen some with links in their signatures…erm but they dont work…the profile does not exist.

The problem with both these groups is a lack of both understanding of social media as well as any form of strategy. Without a basic structure of the input and output benchmarks and measurements, how can people even consider being effective?