Having borne the tedious and long drive down to Cape Town from Pretoria, my fiancé and I and now almost a week in Cape Town. Some may see this as an ordinary visit to the Mother City.

Of course, I see this as an amazing experience of varied people in almost a different country. The mindset of everyone is indeed a drastic difference from Pretoria and its hasty rush that we all usually thrive on. Here in the Cape there is almost and unhurried understanding that ‘all is well’.

With the likes of Silicon Cape based in Cape Town, and some of the most creative people living here it is no wonder how some of the most creative and ingenious work and been incubated here first.

Everyone is polite here, even the cleaners and people without any other reason to be nice, except that they indeed are just nice people. There is no pretense here, just plain old real people.

Currently a presentation to the Rotary is pending as well as meeting the new Consul General of India to South Africa, Cape Town. Exciting times ahead…

With three weeks to go, tons of people to meet and presentations to make, I indeed recommend anyone to take the time to spend a few days here…not for anything else but just to meet real people, in an unhurried environment.