A lingering question that exists is in the minds on many staff of government agencies is: “Is there a place or need for a government agency to use social media?”

Frankly, if by this stage any organisation that has seen the ascension of President Obama will be certain that this is almost a given YES!…’Yes You can and must’ 🙂

In this day and age it even more imperative for governments and their departments to directly engage with their people in a real-time environment.

If these depts ignore the amazing power that the social tools wield, they will be missing out ona critical resource to access their own people.

Many people still argue …”But we don’t have the skills or time” Well its simple actually. Get a social media manager to help you develop a social media strategy, which will serve as you overriding guide. Then employ a social media agency or the same manager to asisst in implementing the strategy as well as train your staff.

In terms of content, spread as much content as you can that can stimulate user response, interaction and engagement.