Ethical leadership discussions with Kamogelo Mmutlana CEO of Barloworld Logistics

In this podcast, I  share with you the latest insights, interview and discussion in Ethical leadership discussions with Kamogelo Mmutlana, CEO of Barloworld Logistics. 

I know him for about two years, and in that time have learnt a great deal about board dynamics, leadership, transformation and long term sustainability. His more than 20 years corporate experience is invaluable to any listener!

In this frank and detailed engagement on Ethical leadership, and creating long-term sustainable value Kamogelo Mmutlana demonstrated his extensive wealth of experience and expertise.  As a seasoned executive and board member of multiple entities he shared with me detailed examples of how leaders should act and shouldn’t, as well as what the essence of leadership was to him.

He also very ably brought in detailed feedback on my questions about what young working professionals can do to both their professional reputations and experience.

He noted that for young professionals, experience in multiple entities does not constitute effective building of experience, but that sustained effective experience in a specific entity/company is the breeding ground of ethics, skills and experience.

He was very optimistic on the outlook for the South African and global economy, and also detailed what needs to be done, not just by executives, but by board members and other leaders in various institutions.  He was also distinctly clear and shared the view that it is only on focusing on the sustainability of institutions, the economy and society at large, can we all progress together into a brighter future.

Kamogelo Mmutlana is someone that I look up to as a mentor, and have had the privilege and honour in recent years of sharing very candid discussions with him, in which his wisdom, and frank advice was shared.

I’m confident that in this episode, you too will also gain substantial value!

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