Shared Experiences: Ethical Leadership, Governance and Business: State Capture

Welcome to the very first episode of my podcast on Shared Experiences.

In this podcast, I will share with you the latest insights, interviews and discussions on a range of topics relating to Ethical Leadership, Governance and Business.

I am passionate about Blockchain, Artificial intelligence, healthcare, networking, leadership development and family.

However in the current political climate in South Africa, I am extremely passionate about sharing my experiences and thoughts on “State Capture.” State Capture is something that affects all of us, and it’s continued cancer is pervasive spread through Southern Africa will continue to impact each of us directly and indirectly.

If we all don’t stand up and work together, both our children in history will judge us for failing to act in allowing the economy and the precious states resources to be looted by various groups of people.

With having had the privilege of serving as a board member/director of a state-owned entity in South Africa, I have had unparalleled experiences and exposure to some of the various practices in state capture.

State capture, in the state-owned entities varies from complex and engineered processes to create value for particular individuals and/or groups, to simplistic blatant ignoring of the various governance duties of the management and boards of state-owned entities.

In my first podcast, which is linked in this post, I share a detailed narrative on how state capture has been happening in South Africa, as a result of experiences, engagements and discussions with various role-player in government.

This introductory podcast is by no means an exhaustive discussion, but focuses on one of the first areas of concern, which includes the auditing professions, and more particularly the individuals who work in the auditing profession.

It traverses the details of how auditing professionals and their organizations have become both referees and players, and at times themselves ignore the regulatory and governance processes put in place by legislation.

I would be honoured by your feedback, whether it be technical, content, or otherwise.  The feedback would assist me in improving the next episode in the series on state capture, and how it continues to happen in South Africa.

This initial episode has taken me a few weeks to create, as I have been apprehensive about ensuring that the content and the quality of the podcast, is suitable for you.

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