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Terrence Kommal and President Zuma

Terrence Kommal and President Zuma

In September 2010, at the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas 2010 in South Africa, I again had the extreme pleasure of sharing a few hearty moments with the President of South Africa, His Excellency,Dr Jacob Zuma.  It was an interesting chat in which he detailed his love for Indian culture and Indian people as they too had been instrumental in the freedom struggle of South Africa.

He has shared similar sentiments when I was a part of the business delegations with some 230 other business leaders that joined the president on the official first ever State visit to India in June 2010.

Amazing coincidence of the movement of the Indian Diaspora

india sa flags

Amazingly I am inflight on the way to the African Meetup of Indian leaders in Durban known as Pravasi Bharatiya Divas or PBD 2010, and the plane itself appears to be a part of this meetup. With tons of our fellow South African Indians (and a few well known cell phone shop foreigners) owners in this flight I had a first hand opportunity to see each one up close…. the privileges of sitting up front….

Is it a coincidence or simply people going home for the weekend? Lots of them for the weekend ;-)

Dr Terrence Kommal is the CEO of SUTRA

Terrence Kommal and Shahrukh Khan

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