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World Hindi conference 2012


Today, 24th September 2012 marks the closing of the first World Hindi conference 2012 in Johannesburg, South Africa. It commemorated the closing of a greatly support and attended conference with delegates from around the world.

It was indeed heartening and interesting to note that conference was held in South Africa, in recognition of the Indian people of South Africa, their rich heritage and the cultural and linguistic ties between India and South Africa. The event as official inaugurated by Minister Praveen Gordhan, the Minister of Finance, South Africa.

The event was officiated by the Indian Minister of State External Affairs, Ms Praneet Kaur.

A key highlight of the conference was that this was a stand by both civil society as well as the government of India, in a collaborative effort to preserve and promote languages of the East.

The Hindi Shiksha Sangh, is probably the only Indian language promotion organization that has been so successful in their efforts, hat they not only secured the support of. Government of India, but also have a dedicated local radio station for Hindi, Hindvani.

Hindvani is a nonprofit initiative that took years to establish, but is now a successful station with more than 200 000 listeners in the Durban and surrounding regions. Is success in the region, far exceeds that of the SABC funded and support station Lotus FM, that is more than 25 years old.

Hindi is the official language of India, and hence represents more than just a language, it represents a national pride, and heritage that is more than a few thousand years old. This pride has spread globally with the spread of the Indian diaspora globally.

Ironically many households India promote that heir children speak English, whilst the rest of the diaspora strives to preserve the usage of Hindi.




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